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Emery & Webb provides these online tools for bill payments as a value-added service to our customers. Our online bill payment tools are managed through and allow you to pay bills directly to Emery & Webb. You may make any number of transactions to Emery & Webb during a single session. To protect your privacy and security, we do not store any sensitive personal financial information after processing your payment. For more information on Emery & Webb’s privacy policies please click here.

Please note that charges a flat fee for e-checks and a percentage fee for credit-card transactions. Insurance premiums billed directly by your insurance carrier cannot be made through the system.

Please contact us if you need assistance or select the appropriate option below:

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Personal and Commercial Insurance Direct Bill Payments

If you received an invoice from the insurance company, our partner companies have created excellent direct payment options such as paying a bill online via credit card or signing up for EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) transactions.

Below are the links to our partner insurance companies’ direct payment websites. If you need help we are always here to give assistance, or click on the link below and be directed to an easier way to handle insurance payments.

Personal Lines

Commercial Lines