3 Things You Should Look For in an Insurance Agent

Many people are unsure of why they should purchase their insurance through an insurance agent versus going directly to the insurance carrier. Your insurance agent is like your “in” with the insurance companies that can identify opportunities for discounts, and act as your personal advocate in dealing with them. And it costs you nothing!

The Right Insurance Agent Can Make Dealing With Insurance Easy

With the right insurance agent, you can save yourself lots of time researching and shopping for insurance quotes, and lots of money by having an expert adviser who understands your circumstances, knows what questions to ask, and has contacts at the insurance companies to make the process of getting insured go smoothly. If you know what you should look for, finding your insurance agent is the only insurance shopping you should ever have to do.

1. They Sell Insurance Products From Multiple Carriers

An agent that can sell insurance products from multiple insurance carriers will get you access to more available options from more insurance companies. As these companies compete for your business, you save money and end up with more control over your budget. Many of the insurance carriers you’ll find on the internet only sell the options available with that one carrier, and if that’s not a fit, you’ll need to look elsewhere.

2. They Seek to Know You Personally

While a personal relationship may seem like more than you want from your insurance agent, it can actually save you a ton of money in the long run. Your insurance agent is trained to spot the life situations in which you might find yourself lacking in coverage and at risk financially. You might get married, buy a new car or home, become a parent, or your children become new drivers. All of these are circumstances in which your insurance coverages should be re-evaluated. Your insurance agent is your biggest asset in managing this for you and can provide options for insuring these life changes through their network of companies.

3. Their Agency Has an In-House Claims Department

Most situations in which you find yourself having to file an insurance claim are stressful and difficult. Navigating the claims process can be overwhelming, not to mention the deflating feeling of the loss of or damage to whatever you’re filing the claim for. An agent that has in-house claims advocates can really help during a difficult time by providing you access to extra assistance instead of having to communicate with a large insurance company on your own.

Insurance can be confusing, frustrating, and time-consuming – but it doesn’t have to be! Finding yourself an insurance agent can be the single-stream solution that you need to simplify everything about getting and being insured, and completely transform the way you think about (or don’t think about!) insurance.

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