Ecuador’s “Worst Tragedy in 60 Years”

We refresh our Google search titled “Ecuador earthquake” every few minutes. “Tragedy”. “Disaster”. “Destruction”. The numbers creep up. Another earthquake. When a country suffers its “worst tragedy” in some time (according to Defense Minister Ricardo Patiño), does it ever get better?

A 7.8 magnitude earthquake ravaged Ecuador last weekend, followed by more rumbles and even another 6.1 magnitude quake. According to sources, the death toll has risen to over 500, with more than 2,000 injured and countless still missing. With those numbers, really, does it ever get better?

Read most news articles to the end and you may find the light — how to help. With disaster, the caring human nature awakens. Our offices are over a 10-hour flight away from Quito, Ecuador but that doesn’t mean we can disconnect from the recent devastation in the country. We ask that you support the rescue, recovery and rebuilding efforts of Ecuador in any way you can.

  • The Global Shapers is one organization with a Quito Hub comprised of young people working to generate change in their community. They’re collecting donations on and have already raised over $95,000.
  • UNICEF has a donation page dedicated to Earthquake Relief Efforts in Ecuador.
  • Convoy of Hope is a faith-based international relief organization that has created a donation page for Ecuador. Their Disaster Response team is on their way to Ecuador to help; follow their efforts here.

Let this be a time when we can shine a light on a country whose residents and visitors may struggle to find solace in such a trying situation.

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