Organize Your Tech on National Clean Up Your Computer Day

On this National Clean Up Your Computer Day, we offer two ways to get your technology organized — physical and digital.Today, February 8th, 2016, is National Clean Up Your Computer Day

Physical Cleaning (The Outside):

  • Your Desktop – Dust it off along with your work space. You’d be amazed what a few days can do to an untouched desk.
  • Your Monitor – Use a soft cloth and monitor cleaning spray to remove fingerprints and build-up.
  • Your Keyboard – Cotton swabs or compressed air clean out those spaces between the keys quite well. If you don’t have either, gently flip your keyboard upside down over a trash can to let loose dust, dirt, crumbs and grime.
  • Your Mouse – Clean the top and bottom with a soft cloth. Cotton swabs work great for the inner components.

Digital Cleaning (The Inside):

  • Back Up – Use a program that syncs files with other computers or saves them on an external hard drive. Should the day come when your computer just won’t turn on, your files will still be accessible wherever you chose to back them up.
  • Organize – For some, the task may seem daunting, but take the time to arrange files, photos and programs into easy-to-understand folders. Do you have a lengthy line-up of icons on your taskbar? Right-click those you don’t use daily to remove them from that area; you can access them elsewhere.
  • Delete, Delete, Delete – Sift through old emails and the recycling bin. Determine what you do not need anymore, and delete those files. This will free up some space on your hard drive. Of course, do this with care; you may need a few of those old files down the road.
  • Speaking of Important Docs – Did you stumble across any insurance-related documents? Homeowners, Auto, Business, Health — having digital copies of your insurance policies is a major benefit. Keep them organized in their own folders, and label them so you know at first glance what types and what years you have at your fingertips.

Happy cleaning!

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