Systems Administrator Job, Fishkill NY

We’re hiring! Interested in being on the IT, Systems-side of the insurance world? Want to be at the core of a smooth-running agency? Read on.

Position: Systems Administrator in the IT Department

Reports to: Chief Network Admin

Based out of: Fishkill, NY Office

Summary & An Idea of Who We’re Looking For:

  1. You can accurately and efficiently manage and maintain the agency’s automated information system.
  2. Training is your thing! You love to share knowledge with staff, especially on how to use the various systems.
  3. You’re a problem solver, and a quick one. No agency likes to be offline for too long.
  4. Backups are your friend. You maintain historical logs and system backup files.
  5. You use the agency system’s tracking and reporting capabilities.
  6. You’re not afraid to make recommendations, updates, revisions to hardware and software, so long as it’s cost-effective, appropriate and improves agency efficiency.

Experience & Education:

At least one year of IT work experience. Working knowledge of current automation research, computer hardware and software programs. Ability to integrate computers. Troubleshooting. Expert in using personal computer, calculator, agency automation systems and various software (Microsoft Word, Excel and more).

You’ll be in a fast-paced multi-tasking environment, in a sitting position with a keyboard and screen often and do some light lifting.

Do you fit the mold? Send your cover letter and resume to Casey McCall ( or navigate to our Employment page to send us your info and résumé.

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