Wear Jeans. Feed Families.

Here at Emery & Webb, you’ll find employees in suit-and-tie, business attire on the daily. Well then… What could be more exciting than wearing jeans to work for a day? Wearing jeans for a good cause.

Wear Jeans Feed Families

Today, Emery & Webb employees were given the opportunity to donate $5 and wear jeans to work. Emery & Webb has matched the donations. In teaming up with Salem Tabernacle in Beacon, NY and Red Cedar Arborists & Landscapers based out of Wappingers Falls, NY, all donations are used to feed families (over 100 of them!) full Thanksgiving dinners here in the Hudson Valley.

Stroll through our offices today and you’ll find jeans after jeans after jeans. The support has been outstanding, proving that something as simple as wearing jeans for eight hours can drum up such awareness and fundraising for the local community.

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