We will never forget

We will never forget

13 years ago our nation suffered a loss, the scope of which had never been imagined.  Today we remember the victims in New York, in Pennsylvania, in Washington D.C.  Each victim is a hero.  From those who ran towards the Pentagon instead of away from it, to those on board doomed airliners, to the firefighters who kept climbing the stairs of the Twin Towers, to co-workers who held tourniquets in place….we were eyewitnesses to some of the greatest heroism of our generation.  We watched the day unfold from tv’s around the country and around the world.  We watched from our windows as the terrible cloud of dust rose in the distance.  We brought our children home from school.  We were stranded in airports as all flights were grounded.  As a nation we held our breath, watching and waiting….and then, as a nation we grieved.

As a nation we rebuilt.

Today, 3,000 families are grieving and remembering.  Thousands more are dealing with the emotional and physical scars of surviving that day.  For some, the nightmares have not ended.  You too are our heroes.  For each family that had to continue living with a loved one missing, we remember you.  For each child who grew up without a parent, we remember you.  For each survivor who carries scars on their bodies and on their hearts, we remember you.  We remember your courage.  We remember your heroism.  We remember your sacrifice.

We will never forget.

September 11, 9/11, #neverforget

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