The 2013 Emery & Webb Thankful List

Our Emery & Webb family has much to be thankful for this year.  Individually, we could fill pages.  But collectively, we narrowed it down to the top 12 things that we are grateful for this year. 

  • Our families and loved ones.  We appreciate you more than you could ever know.
  • Our team has grown.  We have many new co-workers to be thankful for.
  • Our merger.  The Dedrick Agency merged with Emery & Webb this fall and we are thankful for these new co-workers in Dover Plains, NY.
  • Our heritage.  We are thankful for 125 years of consistent family leadership from the Webb family.
  • Our branch and department managers.  We have the hardest working managers in the business and we are particularly thankful for them.
  • No major hurricanes.  Fall is hurricane season, and the east coast was not hit with any major hurricanes this year.  We are especially thankful for this in light of Hurricanes Irene and Sandy in 2011 and 2012.
  • Our new agency management system, EPIC.  It’s been a transition of “epic” proportions, but we are thankful not only to have survived the transition, but for the new capabilities that this system affords us.
  • The transition to our new agency management system was a massive undertaking.  We are particularly thankful to Sue and her team of EPIC specialists who helped us all learn the ropes and patiently dealt with our learning curve.
  • Our clients.  We work with the best families and businesses anywhere.  In many cases, not only are you our clients, we are your clients too.  We are proud to partner with you to protect the things that matter most. 
  • Our company partners.  We truly believe that we have partnered with the best insurance companies in the business.  We are thankful for the Insurance Companies we have chosen to represent, their marketing reps and our ever-patient underwriters.
  • Our broker partners.  Our brokers are out of this world.  We are thankful for their hard work and the creative solutions that they offer.
  • Our communities.  Emery & Webb makes it home in multiple communities throughout upstate New York, as well as Massachusetts, New Jersey and Pennsylvania.  Our hometowns are filled not only with clients, but with friends & family, with businesses that we have valued for years, with history, with schools and arts and landmarks that are part of the fabric of who we are.

To you and your family, we wish you a Happy Thanksgiving filled with family, friends, and an overflowing heart of gratitude.


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