13 Tips for a Safe Halloween, and a Spooky one too


A Spooky Halloween

Halloween night is one of the most magical and most anticipated nights of the years for many children.  According to the U.S. census, over 41 million trick-or-treaters take to the streets on Halloween night.  Eager children and frazzled parents have been searching for the “perfect” costume for weeks.  $1.9 billion dollars’ worth of candy is purchased between September and November 1st.  Jack-o-lanterns keep a watchful eye.  Ghosts and skeletons haunt our yards.  And millions of fairies, witches, super heroes, ghosts, goblins and monsters take to the streets.  Millions of neighborhoods and homes open their doors to eager children, passing out treats and the occasional trick.  We often consider Halloween to be the most kid-friendly holiday in our repetoir.

photo courtesy of saturdayeveningpost.com

photo courtesy of saturdayeveningpost.com


Safe Halloween Tips:

We all know:

  • ·   not to let our kids eat homemade treats prepared by strangers 
  • ·   to sort through their candy
  • ·   to only let our children eat pre-packaged candy and treats
  • ·   to limit their sugar intake 

We lay down the rules:

  • ·   don’t go into anyone’s house, except Grandma’s
  • ·   keep your cell phone on
  • ·   don’t accept rides from strangers
  • ·   stay in a group. 

 However, did you know that twice as many children are hit by a car and killed on Halloween than on any other day of the year? It’s a hazard we may not think about.

Children may be wearing costumes, including masks and hats that limit their vision.  They may be looking down checking their cell phones.  They may be wearing all black – at night.  It might not be easy for them to see the traffic – and it might be equally difficult for drivers to see them.

  1. Consider putting reflective tape on the back of their costume.
  2. Have your child carry a flashlight and keep it on, shining it on the ground in front of their feet
  3. Advise your children to check cell phones when they are standing in a yard or driveway, not while on the street
  4. Always, always have your children trick-or-treat in a group – with a parent is obviously ideal
  5. Walk on sidewalks when available – avoid the street whenever possible

 Wishing you and your family a safe and spooky Halloween!

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