Helping Colorado Flood Victims

Over 18,000 homes are destroyed.  Families are displaced.  Roads are washed away.  Around 300 people are unaccounted for.  And the damage continues, even as flood waters start to recede.  Mud flows, sewage, lack of electricity and lack of passable roads continue to make rescue and recovery extremely difficult.

The flooding in Colorado is devastating at least 17 counties and hundreds of communities both big and small.

In the wake of tragedies and disasters, Americans rally together to provide aid to affected communities and families.  This is one of the truly great things about our country.  Unfortunately, scammers use these disasters as a way to prey upon the good intentions of thousands of Americans. 

Be generous.  But be careful.

The following organizations are well established groups.  They are either on the scene or providing resources to Colorado communities already.

  • Help Colorado Now        
    • A collaboration between the Department of Homeland Security and the Colorado Volunteer Organizations Active in Disaster
  • American Red Cross       
    • Five chapters in Colorado.  Opening the Coors Event Center as a shelter.
  • Salvation Army                 
    • Providing relief in Boulder, Denver, Fort Collins, Longmont, and Jefferson County                            
  • Foothills United Way     
    • Serving Boulder and Broomfield counties



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