Hurricane Preparedness Week, May 26 – June 1

Hurricane season officially begins this Friday, June 1st.  Last year, Hurricane Sandy taught us that hurricanes not only affect coastal regions, but can also carve a path of destruction well inland.  Power outages, wind damage and flooding occurred as far inland as Ohio and Michigan.  We’ve all seen the pictures of buildings destroyed, homes flooded, trees littering the streets and piles of debris.  We’ve heard the stories of families and businesses without power for days and weeks.  We even recognize certain hurricane names like Katrina, Irene and Sandy.   Some damage is obvious.

Some damage though, doesn’t make the front page news.  Businesses rely on electricity and cell towers for internet, computer systems, phone systems, refrigeration, manufacturing, air conditioning & heat and security systems.  Hurricane Sandy caused over 8.1 million power outages from the Atlantic coast to Michigan, wrecking havoc on business income.  Many businesses had no physical storm damage, yet they were unable to open their doors for several days to several weeks.  The financial analysis firm IHS Global Insight estimated that Sandy alone caused over 30 billion dollars in lost business income.

As we head into hurricane season, we strongly recommend developing a hurricane preparedness plan both for your family and for your business.

The National Hurricane Center and FEMA both offer tips on preparing.   Learn how to create an evacuation plan to protect your family and your employees.  Know the difference between a hurricane watch and a hurricane warning.  Put together an emergency kit and plan for family communication when phone lines and cell towers are damaged.  And learn how to prepare your business to weather the storm.

Having the proper insurance in place is a critical part of being prepared for natural disasters.  Most home insurance policies and business insurance policies DO NOT include coverage for damage caused by flooding

Double check with your agent:

  1. Do I have flood coverage for my home/business?
  2. If so, does it cover my building, my contents or both?
  3. Do I have business interruption coverage?
  4. If so, does it cover off premises power failures?

To receive a quote for flood insurance or business interruption coverage, please contact Emery & Webb Insurance Agency and one of our licensed agents would be happy to assist you.

Be prepared.  Stay safe.




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