Home, Auto, Business & Personal Insurance in Fishkill, NY

Emery & Webb provides Homeowners, Auto, Business & Personal Insurance in Fishkill, NY. Our local, independent, insurance agents in Fishkill, NY will help you select the best options for your coverage.

Insurance helps keep you stable when unexpected events occur. This could be a fire in your home, a theft at your business, or an allegation of wrong. Let Emery & Webb help you find both the proper insurance coverage and pricing.

Insurance in Fishkill, NY:

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Directory by Department:

Agency Operations

Karen Payne

Accounting Manager / Controller

800-942-5818 x1130

Cassandra McCall

Human Resources Manager

800-942-5818 x1132

Alex Adourian

Systems Administrator

800-942-5818 x1156

Linette Petruzziello

Accounting Team Leader

800-942-5818 x1129

Bob D’Errico

Payroll and Benefits Administrator

800-942-5818 x1127

Pat Araque

Accounting Service Representative

800-942-5818 x1131

Laura Waage

Systems Administrator

800-942-5818 x1174

Virginia Donaldson

Claims Representative

800-942-5818 x1104

Teddi Bernich

Executive Assistant

800-942-5818 x1123

Juliana Breglia


800-942-5818 x1112

Hope Dohrenwend


800-942-5818 x1111


Paula Marino

Church Department Manager

800-942-5818 x1152

Paul Coran

Account Executive

800-942-5818 x1505

Francis K. Ward, AAI

Account Executive

800-942-5818 x1151

Theresa de Bara

Client Service Representative

800-942-5818 x1105

Lisa Wadwanski

Client Service Representative

800-942-5818 x1124

Denise Lake

Client Service Representative

800-942-5818 x1158

Jennifer Radford

Client Service Representative

800-942-5818 x1146

Ann Simoes

Client Service Representative

800-942-5818 x1144

Susan Hundley

Church Underwriting

800-942-5818 x1155

Lorraine Riordan

Church Department Support

800-942-5818 x1159

Commercial Lines

Sue Iannucci

Commercial Lines Manager

800-942-5818 x1106

Janice Governale

Account Executive

800-942-5818 x1115

John Curley

Account Executive

800-942-5818 x1108

Mary Kuhns

Account Executive

800-942-5818 x1169

Amy Wise

Account Executive

800-942-5818 x1506

Nicole Wren

Dental Processor

800-942-5818 x1119

Pamela Pavelock

Dental Account Specialist

800-942-5818 x1171

Lorenzo DeRose

Client Service Representative

800-942-5818 x1110

Allison Perri

Client Service Representative

800-942-5818 x1125

Dawn Gunn

Commercial Lines Underwriting

800-942-5818 x1107

Vicky Peck

Commercial Lines Underwriting

800-942-5818 x1113

Melanie Spada

Commercial Lines Support

800-942-5818 x1124

Kathaleen Wojnowski




John C. Webb Jr., CIC

Chairman & Chief Executive Officer

800-942-5818 x1135

John C. Webb III, CIC

President & Chief Operating Officer

800-942-5818 x1168

Edward Gentile III

Vice President

800-942-5818 x1122

Stuart A. Walker, AAI

Vice President

800-942-5818 x1148

Robert J. Wise, AU, ASLI

Vice President

800-942-5818 x1504

Neil D. Arbuckle, CIC, CPCU


800-942-5818 x1136

Life and Health

Colin Aiken

Assistant Vice President

800-942-5818 x1137

Rebecca Rogers

Financial Consultant

800-942-5818 x1126

Personal Lines

Amanda Egger

Branch Manager

800-942-5818 x1116

Jackie Price

Assistant Branch Manager

800-942-5818 x1141

Aleida Alkalak

Client Service Representative

800-942-5818 x1140

Laura Gioffre

Client Service Representative

800-942-5818 x1114

Collette White, ACSR, AAI

Client Service Representative

800-942-5818 x1166

Brandy Black

Personal Lines Support

800-942-5818 x1128